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Welcome to lethalbitches.com the home of girl-on-guy wrestling, facesitting and smothering. The site provides half hour videos of sexy girls. Our content is 100 percent exclusive to lethalbitches.com and is shot and produced in-house in the UK.

Mistress Whiplash / Nikki

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About Me


I am an experienced professional Domme who has been involved in the industry, both sessioning and in femdom productions, since ~2000. I am fun, but also strict when it matters and very much enjoy making my visitors suffer.

I have a very large private space in northern Hampshire which, as well as a well equipped dungeon and a schoolroom, also contains domestic rooms such as living room, bedroom, office to ensure that any fantasy roleplay can come to life!

I have a serious footwear fetish and have built up a huge collection of gorgeous shoes and boots over the years. Along with the footwear I also have an equally huge collection of fetishwear and beautiful clothing and lingerie and can cater for pretty much any taste! Slaves are welcome to visit my dressing room and browse what is available...

As well as single sessions with myself, I also session together with a number of my Dominatrix friends including Miss Jessica, Miss Lina, fetishdoll/Miss Dawn, and others.

I also produce videos for all the websites linked immediately below.

If you would like any information that isn't listed here, please contact me via the contact form on the main site.

MistressWhiplash / Nikki

The most recent 20 videos from the site are listed below.

lb1246 : Who's The Strongest Of Them All?

Nikki has received a fan mail saying that Chloe has the strongest thighs on Lethal Bitches - even stronger than hers! Nikki really thinks her thighs are stronger, and luckily they have an independent adjudicator in the form of the unsuspecting Robin, who is about to find himself clamped in a variety of tight scissor holds from the ladies. Poor Robin gets scissored so hard the girls take pity on him, so kindly give him a little rest by sitting on his face, then it's back to the scissoring contest! (Duration 21m25s). Published Wed Nov 26 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1245 : The Weaker Sex

Matthew finds the idea of Sophia boxing laughable, but he's in for a surprise as his sexy blonde girlfriend shows him a few wrestling moves. Sophia uses her beautiful legs to scissor Matthew's neck and body, and has no trouble pinning him down to sit on his face and celebrate her dominance. (Duration 20m36s). Published Sat Nov 22 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1244 : Performance Related Pay

Matthew wants a pay rise like everyone else in the office, but his rude attitude isn't going to get him anything apart from a good crushing between Nikki's thighs as his powerful boss throws him around the office to punish him for his cheek! Facesitting, scissor holds, camel clutches and boston crabs aplenty for Matthew as he finds out the hard way not to mess with the boss! (Duration 19m59s). Published Tue Nov 18 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1243 : Face Your Fantasy

Paul has visited his psychiatrist Tiffany for therapy to help him cure his obsession with the thought of being wrestled into submission by powerful women. She prescribes an intensive course of treatment which involves him turning his fantasy to reality as she scissors and facesits him on the consulting room floor. We're not sure if this intervention will be successful, but Paul certainly leaves the shrink's office a lot happier than when he entered it!(Duration 20m18s). Published Sun Nov 16 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1242 : Something Stupid

Robert is used to getting a happy ending with his massage, but Swedish masseuse Lina does not offer that kind of service. Robert stupidly asks for one anyway, and soon finds himself being given a particularly unhappy ending as he is scissored, facesat and wrestled into exhaustion by this powerful female wrestler. (Duration 20m26s). Published Thu Nov 13 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1241 : Striker!

Jessica's fed up with playing in defence on the soccer team - she wants to have a turn up front. Her pervy coach suggests he might be able to let her be striker if she gives him some incentive. Jessica can certainly give him incentives to do as she says, as she wrestles him to the floor and makes him submit to her will. Jessica's footballing thighs are super powerful and coach doesn't stand a chance of escaping as she pins and scissors him with them. Sporty Jessica looks really hot in her football kit, and those cute shorts are perfect for facesitting her coach too! (Duration 20m40s). Published Thu Nov 6 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1240 : We Don't Need Police!

When you're as strong as Hungarian wrestlers Viktoria and Zsuzsa are, you don't need to call the police when you catch a thief in your bedroom - you can deal with it perfectly well yourselves! Robert is caught in the act stealing from Viktoria's purse, so she calls Zsuzsa in and the pair of them double team Robert into total submission. Robert doesn't stand a chance of resisting against these two powerful specimens and they are going to make him suffer far more than any police officer could! Lots of excellent wrestling holds, pins, scissors and facesits until the girls are finally finished with their victim! (Duration 21m08s). Published Thu Oct 30 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1239 : Staff Induction

The new intern Merv arrives in Sophia's office for his induction, but it doesn't go exactly how he'd imagined, as Sophia detects a certain level of wimpiness in the new boy and decides to exploit it for her entertainment! She soon has Merv down on the floor being scissored and smothered for her cruel enjoyment, and Merv is too wimpy to be able to get free from his dominant superior! It looks like Merv might be in for a lot more suffering now he works in this particular office! (see movie WL1202 on www.mistresswhiplash.com for the next instalment of his suffering!) (Duration 19m40s). Published Thu Oct 23 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1238 : Sext Pest

Becky is fed up with Matthew sending her inappropriate sexual messages, so she tells his girlfriend Chloe! This behaviour cannot be tolerated so Chloe wrestles him down to the floor and both ladies proceed to teach Matthew a lesson for his disgusting behaviour by wrestling him into complete humiliating submission. The sit on his face, scissor and smother him, and wrestle him into positions his body never knew it went in until they are satisfied that his behaviour won't be repeated. (Duration 20m28s). Published Thu Oct 16 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1237 : The Watchtower

Matthew calls on Cate the stripper to urge her to cease her sinning, but she's not really in the mood to listen to his preaching when she has just finished a night of debauchery! Sleepy Cate invites Matthew in, but she's not going to be the easy prey he thinks... She kicks him in the nuts and wrestles him into defeat, then sends him crawling on his way! Lots of ballkicking in this one - what can we say? Cate likes kicking men where it hurts! and some excellent scissoring and schoolgirl pins. (Duration 19m39s). Published Thu Oct 9 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1236 : The New Guy

Scott has started working in an all-female office, and he's not been able to keep his eyes to himself with all those well-dressed office girls around. Chloe and Amy decide that if Scott can't get enough of looking at ladies, he can have a much closer look! They strip him to his underpants and scissor, smother and crush him until he is suitably humiliated. (Duration 20m38s). Published Thu Oct 2 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1235 : Peeping Around

Carissa has been at Whiplash Towers filming fetish videos with Nikki and she knows that Danny has been peeping on set without her permission, so she teaches him a lesson by wrestling him into submission with her killer body. Her skintight catsuit hugs her amazing curves as she scissors, pins and facesits Danny until he can't take any more. (Duration 20m22s). Published Thu Sep 25 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1234 : Phone Sex Shame

Equestrienne Nikki comes back from riding to catch her husband in the act on the phone to a sex chat line. The angry horsewoman pins Paul to the floor and facesits and scissors him mercilessly until he has learnt the hard way that his behaviour is unacceptable to his dominant wife! Lots of great jodhpur facesitting and scissoring, leaving poor Paul nicely crushed! (Duration 20m41s). Published Thu Sep 18 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1233 : Human Cashpoint

Blonde bombshell Sophia wants some money for a night out - and her doormat husband is going to pay up, whether he likes it or not! Sophia knows just how to get what she wants out of her weak, but very rich, spouse - she's going to scissor, facesit and crush him until he gives her whatever she wants - as usual! This is Sophia's first ever wrestling movie and she's a natural, with a killer body to match her attitude towards men! (Duration 19m46s). Published Thu Sep 11 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1232 : No Limits

Materialistic Liza has been out shopping but the credit card her husband Merv gave her for her birthday stopped working - she wanted a card with no limits! His demanding and very sadistic wife wrestles him onto the living room floor so she can scissor and smother him until he agrees to get her a proper credit card! Liza's strong thighs look great in her fishnet pantyhose as she chokes Merv tightly between them, her wimpy husband doesn't stand a chance of escape! (Duration 16m25s). Published Thu Sep 4 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1231 : Maid Trouble

Maid Jessica doesn't take kindly to her boss Peter's criticism of her cleaning skills, so it's time for him to have a bit of a rethink whilst pinned down beneath her petticoats! Jessica looks awesome in her traditional satin maid's outfit and stockings as she scissors and smothers Peter into submission. (Duration 21m15s). Published Thu Aug 28 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1230 : A Clean Fight

The referee in Viktoria and Zsuzsa's competitive wrestling match is being biased towards Zsuzsa because he fancies her, and can't take his eyes off her big boobs. The ladies soon realise what is happening, so they join forces against Robert and teach him a lesson! Lots of great facesitting, scissoring, breast smothering and excellent displays of both girls' wrestling skills as they overpower and dominate Robert until he is sorry. (Duration 21m27s). Published Thu Aug 21 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1229 : Fight For It

Robert isn't being forthcoming with his cash, so Sophia challenges him to an arm wrestle. Robert thinks he will win easily against his female opponent, but he has seriously underestimated Sophia's strength! Having completely humiliated him at arm wrestling, Sophia proves her superiority further by wrestling Robert into total submission with lots of pins and scissorholds. Sophia really does have incredibly strong thighs and Robert struggles to remain conscious as she piles on the pressure with her vice-like thigh grip! (Duration 20m34s). Published Thu Aug 14 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1228 : Date With A Wrestler

Robert finds it hilarious when he finds out the lady he's been out on a first date with is a professional wrestler - the idea of a woman being any good at wrestling really is laughable for him! Lina soon shows him that she is a pro wrestler for a reason as she challenges him to a fight and is soon throwing him around the living room like a little doll! Lina is very skilled and powerful and has no problem putting Robert in his place with all sorts of wrestling holds, pins, scissors and facesits. (Duration 20m50s). Published Thu Aug 7 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

lb1227 : Tidying Up

Ayla catches Gerrard sniffing her shoes, and his excuse that he was tidying up is clearly a load of rubbish! She wrestles him onto the floor and pushes her feet into his face to make him sniff and worship them whether he likes it or not! Ayla has a scissorhold to die for, not to mention a beautiful bottom which looks great in her tiny denim shorts as she facesits Gerrard under the harsh fabric. (Duration 20m49s). Published Thu Jul 31 2014.
This is just one of 308 videos published on this website.

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